Unique and exceptional workshop in the transmission of knowledge tied to the history and heritage of ancestral embroidery of the XIth century used to embroider the Bayeux Tapestry.

Embroideries Bayeux stitch, is also maintain a lifestyle, take time to have fun, relax and maybe have the pleasure of giving.

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    FRIDAY 23 february embroidery of BAYEUX STITCH with Chantal James of  BAYEUX BRODERIE workshop (4H )A Salles St-Joseph des Epinettes44 Cité des Fleurs 75017 PARISMétro : "brochant" ligne 13Bus n° 66 - 31 - 74 - 54 - PC3 - RER C

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    THE BEGINING OF THE BAYEUX TAPESTRY AND THE WATCHMAN IN THE TREEis not apillow in the kit(Picture page 1 and 12 in the book complete reproduction of the Bayeux Tapissery 1/7) Size of the framed picture : 15.70 inches x 15.70 inches (40 cm x 40 cm)

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    Size of the framed picture : 30 inches x 24 inches (76 cm x 60 cm)Scéne n°48 in the book Bayeux's Tapissery complete reproduction 1/7

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    TRANSIVIT -THE BOOT SAIL FOR PEVENSAY (Picture page 38 in the book complete reproduction of the Bayeux Tapissery 1/7) Size of the framed picture : 19.30 inches x 17 inches (49 cm x 43 cm) Kit of embroidery with the bayeux stitch.

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    For people who want to mix colors thrown in satin stitch (more creative) Size of the framed picture or pillow: 15" x 15" (40 cm x 30 cm)

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Broderie au point de Bayeux, Bayeux stitch embroidery

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Chantal James, Workshop Steering of Bayeux Broderie received the title of Master-craftsman of the Trades of Art, in June 2015 for the Bayeux stitch embroidery.

Chantal James embroidery workshop, Master-crafsman of Trades of art