Workshop at BAYEUX in French (normandy)


In July August 

11am to 12.30 and 
2 pm to 5.30pm
In April, May, June, September, October,  1.30 pm to 5.30 pm
In november december January February March closed 
Closed - on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays -
On my website, the kits sales  are possible all year round the world

the workshop at Bayeux(F) is near the Museum of the Bayeux Tapestry. BAYEUX BRODERIE 24 Nesmond street in Bayeux france

Come to meet Chantal James who exposes his embroidery to the Bayeux stitch: reproductions of the Bayeux Tapestry and other designs with KITS TO BE EMBROIDERED realized in his studio in Bayeux (F)

SALE OF KITS TO BE EMBROIDERED all year long on this site with payment secures CB. Shipping in all the countries of the world


Unique and exceptional workshop in the transmission of knowledge attached to history and heritage, ancient embroidery of the 11th century used to realize the Bayeux Tapestry witch is an embroidery and not a tapestry. Custom-made trditional materiel 

Embroider with the Bayeux stitch is also maintaining a lifestyle, taking time to have fun, to be relax and maybe having the pleasure of giving


All embroidery and embroidery kits are made in the Bayeux broderie workshop in Normandy (France) according to the specific authorization of reproduction of 14 February 2001. The workshop Bayeux broderie workshop is able to offer reproductions of the Bayeux Tapestry form of embroidery kits already pre-defined in 9 / 10 scale for the big scene (see catalog) or special orders with the pattern you choose among 70 meters from the Bayeux tapestry but also exclusive and unique creations with a true knowledge.

Official supplier of Bayeux museums for manufacturing of embroidery kits.

Each piece of fabric is cut one by one in a thin very good quality pure linen, woven specially for the Bayeux broderie workshop, just as for the wool embroidery are spun and dyed for the workshop in order to approach as close as the colors of the original Bayeux Tapestry in the XIth century and also for creations.
In each kit to embroider with Bayeux stitch, you will find a needle of the brand "BOHIN" French manufacture, guarantee of quality.

Bayeux Embroidery is focused on providing quality work for both:

Quality of the trait on the linen for the reproduction fidelity
Quality of materials used
Quality of monitoring and coaching embroiderers (es) in the execution of their embroidery